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The Four Languages of Influence

The Four Languages of Influence


$129.00 - The Four Languages of Influence

$99.00 - The Four Languages of Influence

Year published:2020

Improve your influence by customizing your interactions to four distinct communication styles. Based on the DISC communication-style instrument, you will learn:
•The four distinct communication styles
•Your communication style
•Each communication styles’ preferences
•How to use the four languages of influence to:
- Make better connections
- Tailor content so that it “rings true” for each recipient
- Reduce interpersonal friction
- Gain agreement
You will learn practical skills you can put to work immediately. Plus, you will polish your communication skills and feel more confident in one-on-one and group interactions.
Roger Grannis 
Roger Grannis has helped professionals improve their presentation skills at some of the biggest names in business: GE, Underwriters Laboratories, Synchrony, Thomson Reuters, Wells Fargo, Pepsi, Foot Locker.
Prior to forming GrannisGroup, in 2004, Roger spent 17 years at Gartner, where he contributed to growing revenues from $22 million to $850 million by building Gartner Sales University.
Roger holds a BA in speech and psychology from Willamette University and did graduate work in theatre and creative writing at San Francisco State University. He is an active member of the National Speakers Association.  
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