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How Engineers Create Added Value

How Engineers Create Added Value


$129.00 - How Engineers Create Added Value

$99.00 - How Engineers Create Added Value

Year published:2019

Why do engineering services continue to be less valued than other professional services? Attorneys, accountants, management consultants, marketing experts—to name a few—all command a higher labor multiplier than engineers.
It’s time to take a serious look at closing the value gap. Creating added value has become an essential issue for engineers for two reasons:
(1) the growing commoditization of engineering services and
(2) the increasing competition for engineering talent. These trends show no sign of abating, even as the economy continues to grow.
Join Mel Lester for a fresh take on value creation and to rethink how you diagnose problems, design solutions, and deliver results as an engineer. You'll also explore strategies for adding value to your work, including:
- Developing a client-centered perspective
- Delivering business-driven results
- Providing outstanding client experiences
- Sharing valuable content
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