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Incident at Morales, An Engineering Ethics Story

Incident at Morales, An Engineering Ethics Story

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$400.00 - Incident at Morales, An Engineering Ethics Story

$250.00 - Incident at Morales, An Engineering Ethics Story

Year published:2010

Incident at Morales, brought to you by the producers of Gilbane Gold, is another breakthrough video that vividly covers a wide range of ethical dilemmas facing engineers today. The video and study guide provide a number of opportunities for viewers to consider the resolution of difficult ethical issues including international responsibilities, consequences of technical and financial decisions, and environmental concerns. Incident at Morales involves a variety of ethical issues faced by a company that wants to develop a new chemical product. In order to gain a competitive edge, they need build a plant quickly. Potential technical and ethical issues arise from choices of design, including valves, piping, chemicals, etc. The process to develop the product is designed to be automated and controlled by computer software. The process also involves high temperatures and pressures and requires the use of chemicals that need special handling. Because of environmental considerations related to the chemicals used in the process, the company decides to construct their plant in Mexico. Technical, environmental, financial and safety problems arise that involve ethical issues. The video is designed for interactive use with a discussion facilitator. The total running time of the video is 36 minutes. However, there are opportunities to pause for discussions after approximately 12 and 24 minutes. 1.5 PDHs. DVD format. Public and Academic Library Price: $250
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