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Legal Issues Unique to Design-Build

Legal Issues Unique to Design-Build


$149.00 - Legal Issues Unique to Design-Build

$70.00 - Legal Issues Unique to Design-Build

Year published:2015
As design-build as a project delivery method continues to grow in popularity, practitioners have begun to question exactly it is different from traditional design-bid-build projects. In general terms, contractors are aware that design-build ordinarily shortens project delivery time and leaves the design-builder responsible for the entire project. However, there is a need for a greater understanding of precisely which legal and business issues have different implications for design-build projects as opposed to traditional design-bid-build projects. The legal issues arising uniquely out of the design-build method of project delivery are not overly complex. Although all complex construction projects involve important legal issues, there are not a great number of additional legal issues that arise in design-build projects as opposed to the traditional design-bid-build mode. During this webinar Mark Friedlander will discuss the seven categories of legal issues that are unique to design-build projects: • The relationships and loyalties among the parties. • The design professional’s standard of care. • Performance warranties. • Entitlement to Change orders. • Licensing problems. • Insurance/Bonding problems. • Conflicts with competitive bidding laws.
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