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High Tech Hot Shots: Career in Sports Engineering

High Tech Hot Shots: Career in Sports Engineering

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$9.95 - High Tech Hot Shots: Career in Sports Engineering

$6.95 - High Tech Hot Shots: Career in Sports Engineering

A fresh way to look at a career in sports for the student with a passion for athletics and an aptitude for engineering. Over 20 sports engineering career profiles that highlight new opportunities Inspirational, real-life engineering success stories Explanations of how engineering innovations can play a major role in athletic success and broaden your horizons A "Getting Started" chapter that tells how you can ease the transition from student to successful engineer Employer Web sites and contat information for every sport and a large recommended-reading section that connects you to sports engineering Learn how to turn the love of sports into a lucrative engineering career. Primarily written for middle school, high school and pre-engineering college students, this book compiles resources, information, and stories of engineers who work passionately in the sports industry to design new and improved products for athletes and spectators, alike. Ranging from the design and construction of stadiums and courses to the design and manufacture of sporting equipment and clothes, the book reveals what you need to know to work in this industry, and find a satisfying and rewarding job as a sports engineer. Consider this book a gateway, as it presents possibilities you might never have expected. Explore what types of engineers are involved in over a dozen sports, from the “extreme” sports like skateboarding to the more traditional sports like tennis, and get advice from engineers about how to succeed as a sports engineer. This book is like no other career book you’ll find—you will learn how being involved with cutting edge sports technology can be fun. The sports covered are skateboarding, bowling, golf, inline skating, baseball, football, tennis, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, skeleton racing, bicycling, and swimming. Deep discounts available for field camps, engineering outreach programs, student groups, resellers, etc.
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