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Seven Secrets of Super Successful Project Managers

Seven Secrets of Super Successful Project Managers


$149.00 - Seven Secrets of Super Successful Project Managers

$70.00 - Seven Secrets of Super Successful Project Managers

Projects are the heart of the professional services firm, and effective project management is central to achieving growth, profit, and sustainable organization success. Still, too many professional firms are operated just as well as they have to be, and not as well as they could be. In the Fast Future! world ahead, average performance will no longer good enough – firms must stand up and stand out - and strive to be extraordinary, not only in technical capabilities, but also with true project management differentiators like responsiveness, communications, and customer service. In this information packed session John Doehring discusses: the core role of the project manager in the professional organization; leadership and management skills necessary for project management success; real communication strategies that work to connect all project and organization stakeholders; effective planning, scheduling, and budgeting techniques for projects of all sizes; the central and singular importance of execution, taking action, and getting things done
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