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How to Lead Without Authority

How to Lead Without Authority


$129.00 - How to Lead Without Authority

$99.00 - How to Lead Without Authority

Year published:2021

Leadership is not bestowed by appointment; it’s earned by attracting willing followers. This principle applies whether you have positional authority or not. There are many in management roles who are not effective leaders. But in engineering organizations where there are matrix structures or where strategic initiatives create working relationships outside the hierarchy, the need for developing leadership among those without formal authority intensifies.
In this workshop, consultant Mel Lester will explain why authority-based direction is inferior to influence-driven leadership in maximizing employee performance. He will offer strategies for bringing out the best of your staff or teammates. His perspective on leadership has been shaped by 25 years of serving as a strategic initiatives leader, guiding major organizational changes without having authority over others. These insights will be helpful to anyone in a leadership role (or aspiring to become a leader), including for those of you who are in a management or supervisory role. 
Mel Lester
Mel Lester of BizEdge is a management consultant, trainer, and contrarian strategist specializing in helping engineering firms create competitive advantage and improve business performance. He has over 45 years in the engineering business, including experience as both a manager and a consultant. His areas of expertise include leadership development, strategic planning, organizational change, business development, client service, project management, employee engagement, and personal productivity. Mel has authored over 300 articles and is coauthor for the ACEC-published book "33 Proven Secrets to Writing Successful Client-Centered Proposals."
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