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P-990 EJCDC Procurement Agreements Set

P-990 EJCDC Procurement Agreements Set


$800.00 - P-990 EJCDC Procurement Agreements Set

$400.00 - P-990 EJCDC Procurement Agreements Set

Edition: 2019
Year published:2019
Prepared by the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC).. The 10 documents included in P-990 documents have been revised for 2019 to reflect recent legislation, court decisions and business practices.  The ten documents in the P-Series include Instructions to Project Owners and Bidders, Bid Form, Buyer Seller Agreement, Performance Bond, Payment Bond, General Conditions, Supplementary Conditions, Notices of Receipt and Conformity of Goods, narrative guide documents use UCC terminology.
The Procurement: Full Set includes the following documents:
1.   P-050 Project Owner's Instructions Regarding Procurement Documents
2.   P-200 Instructions to Bidders for Procurement Contracts
3.   P-400 Bid Form for Procurement Contracts
4.   P-520 Agreement Between Buyer and Seller for Procurement Contract
5.   P-610 Performance Bond for Procurement Contract  
6.   P-615 Payment Bond for Procurement Contract
7.   P-625 Buyer's Acknowledgement of Receipt of Goods
8.   P-626 Buyer's Notice Regarding Conformity of Goods and Special Services
9.   P-700 Standard General Conditions for Procurement Contracts 
10. P-800 Supplementary Conditions for Procurement Contracts 
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