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Real and Perceived Concerns About Hydraulic Fracturing

Real and Perceived Concerns About Hydraulic Fracturing


$149.00 - Real and Perceived Concerns About Hydraulic Fracturing

$70.00 - Real and Perceived Concerns About Hydraulic Fracturing

Year published:2016
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In this presentation, we will review hydraulic fracturing activities with examples from south Texas and discuss both real and perceived environmental concerns along with ways in which regulatory or conservation authorities might manage their water resources. We will discuss water use and availability, outline water contamination concerns, highlight problems in determining whether hydraulic fracturing may be responsible for contamination, and give some examples of strategies groundwater conservation districts can implement to monitor their drinking water resources.

Speaker: Mr. F. Paul Bertetti

Mr. F. Paul Bertetti is a principal scientist in the Geology and Geochemistry Group of the Geosciences and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) in San Antonio, Texas. SwRI water resources investigation clients include groundwater conservation districts as well as state and regional water agencies. Evaluating the local and regional impacts on groundwater from activities related to hydraulic fracturing has been a focus of work for groundwater conservation districts for the past several years.

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