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Professional Engineer’s Role on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Professional Engineer’s Role on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Technology


$129.00 - Professional Engineer’s Role on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Technology

$99.00 - Professional Engineer’s Role on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Year published:2019

Technology is dramatically and rapidly changing the role of
the professional engineer. Not only the tools to design, collect, analyze,
operate, maintain and decommission are being transformed but the systems
themselves are changing faster with more technology embedded into our
infrastructure, buildings, roads, environment, natural resources, manufacturing
facilities, logistics, homes, offices and automobiles to name a few. Dealing
with the transition and future technologies for the public’s health, safety, security
and environment has been a responsibility of professional engineers with
massive benefits in our analog systems for the public. Our world adapted to the
industrial mechanics with increased efficiency, new innovations and safety to
the public. The road to digitization is already occurring and the role of the
professional engineer must adapt and proactively lead as before. The principles that govern professional
engineers are more than appropriate with the technology revolution and
warranted for the public’s best interest. The public looks to the profession to
guide them as before. Accidents and fatalities have already occurred with
improper fundamentals. We can no longer ignore the impact of technology.
Session Description
Data has become a valuable asset to corporations and the
public. It is changing how we live our lives and the quality of life for many
global citizens. Professional engineers have to be Future Ready professionals
where technology is dramatically changing how they work and how their services
safely and pragmatically create cost efficiencies, create new products and
services, and better serve the public. And now more top-performing CEOs now have
engineering degrees than MBAs. This is a trend that grows as the systems
continue to get complex. Technology is changing the profession and the new
systems that are network platforms integrating physical and digital systems in
artificial intelligence, data sciences, blockchain, autonomous vehicles and
robotic process automations. The convergence of these technologies holds the
promise of creating safer, efficient, and more secure systems. This
presentation describes the disruption for the professional engineer, patterns
that are surfacing rapidly. successful designs as well as gaps between externalities
and internal changes. The gaps in scaling and making existing technologies
readily available are hindered in the areas of governance, integration and
openness of the architectures rather than the algorithms and design models.
Where the algorithms and models are readily available in open source libraries,
open research, and collaboration of experts for many years, the gap in integrating
disparate proprietary databases, removing bias in models, organizing and
cleaning data across multi-cloud platforms and open integration standards to
bring together hybrid architectures is the chasm first to be crossed where
professional engineers have to change as well as the systems that are directly
affecting the public and our everyday lives. Ignoring the digital
transformation as professional engineers is ignoring our commitment to our
constituents and public.

Learning Outcomes
Learning outcome will illustrate that the adoption and
application of technology is coming at a faster rate than ever before. We will
cover some of the primary skills that professional engineers are finding most
critical in their own work and the systems they are working with. We will cover
the important opportunities where professional engineers are taking a more
proactive role and the changes that are being discussed in professional
engineering communities in the Americas. Discussions will cover our proactive
positions we should take as a profession, what are the major challenges, and
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