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Prevention Through Design

Prevention Through Design


$149.00 - Prevention Through Design

$70.00 - Prevention Through Design

Year published:2018

Canon 1 of the NSPE's Code of Ethics states that the safety and health of the public is paramount. But does our duty to "the public" include individuals who will be implementing/constructing and maintaining our designs?
Prevention through Design (PtD) is an emerging safety management innovation in which design engineers consider the safety of all individuals affected by their design from cradle to grave. This webinar will focus on the PtD concept as it applies to building design and construction and discuss how PtD is part of a Triple Bottom Line approach to sustainable development. The webinar will summarize the PtD concept, give examples from civil engineering and construction, summarize the practical safety and economic benefits that are driving clients to require PtD and OSHA and NIOSH to promote the PtD concept, and provide practical tips for implementing PtD within your firm without exposing your firm to excessive chance of litigation.
Learning objectives:
  • Define Prevention through Design (PtD);
  • Identify common examples of PtD in building design and construction;
  • Describe tools and processes that enable PtD; 
  • Discuss potential barriers to PtD; and 
  • Summarize steps in implementing PtD in an organization.
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