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Fire Protection Engineering in Property Risk Management

Fire Protection Engineering in Property Risk Management


$129.00 - Fire Protection Engineering in Property Risk Management

$0.00 - Fire Protection Engineering in Property Risk Management

Year published:2020

The presentation is intended to focus on Property Risk Management from a Fire Protection perspective designed to inform an audience with varying knowledge of Property Management or Fire Risk. It is a comprehensive overview of Fire and Life Safety that includes the history of Building and Fire Codes, discusses losses of life and property that shaped their development over the years to where they are today, and the role of the Insurance industry in that development. It will address the connection between the Codes and Fire Protection Engineering, outline the principles of Fire and Life Safety science including Means of Egress, identify the "Whole Building" Design Concept and the Fire Protection Equation, and the significant advancements achieved in reducing Fire Risks of properties. It will identify the degrees of Hazards (Groups) associated with property classes, including Storage arrangements, analyze the associated Risks and discuss strategies for treatment.
Chris Butts, PE, AET, SET, CFPS, ARM, is a Licensed Fire Protection Engineer having passed the Fire Protection Engineering Exam developed by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) and administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), with over 38 years of experience in the Fire Protection industry both domestically and internationally, including Highly Protected Risk (HPR) Facilities. He is currently employed with Sompo International as Assistant Vice President and Senior Property Risk Specialist.
Mr. Butts is a graduate of ITT Technical Institute in Architectural Engineering Technology (AET), and Edison Community College, in Arts, an Engineering Major (Who’s Who, Phi Theta Kappa), along with Oklahoma State University, Certification in Fire Protection Technology.  He is Certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) in Fire Protection Engineering Technology; Level IV, Water-Based System Layout; Level III, Fire Alarm; and Level I, Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems.  Mr. Butts is also a Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) with the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) CFPS Program and completed the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) Program from the Institutes Risk Insurance Group.
Mr. Butts currently serves as Director (2022-2024) on the SFPE Board of Directors, served as a Past-Governor (2017-2020) on the SFPE Educational & Scientific Foundation's Board of Governors, and a Co-Author on the SFPE 2020 Guidelines for Peer Review In The Fire Protection Design Process. He also currently serves as Governor (2021-2023) on the NICET Board of Governors under the auspices of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). In addition, he currently serves as Administrator (2021-2022) for the Fire Protection Practice Specialty (FPPS) for the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).
Additionally, Mr. Butts served as Past-Director (2010-2014) on the Board of Directors for NFPA’s CFPS Program and currently serves on the CFPS Certification Advisory Group (CAG) for NFPA. He currently participates on several NFPA Technical Committees as a Principal Member, including NFPA 1, Fire Code (FCC); NFPA 101, Life Safety Code (SAF), and NFPA 5000, Building Code (BLD). Past Technical Committee participation includes NFPA 170, Fire Safety & Emergency Symbols, and NFPA 22, Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection.
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