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Growing Into a Strategic Role within Your Company

Growing Into a Strategic Role within Your Company


$149.00 - Growing Into a Strategic Role within Your Company

$70.00 - Growing Into a Strategic Role within Your Company

Year published:2017
If you are motivated to advance your engineering career, it is critical to understand how to continue to add value to your firm. Whatever level you are at now, it is possible to achieve more through a continued effort of demonstrating leadership and strategic execution. Strategic roles within engineering firms are usually at the top, although strategic planning and actions can occur at any level. This session will give you the skills and insight you need to achieve a strategic role at the top of your firm.
Learning Objectives:
Define the meaning of thinking and working strategically
Learn communication steps to effectively share and execute ideas and strategic initiatives
Develop a strategic plan for career development
Identify and implement strategic drivers
Speakers: Belinda Gates, ACC
Belinda Gates retired as an owner of a large architectural and engineering firm and has since pursued her passion to support and inspire others to achieve success. Her leadership development and executive coaching services support engineers, architects, manufacturing companies, and other corporate clients through one-on-one and team coaching as well as leadership retreats and strategic planning services.
Gates is the author of Your Successful Life, The Playbook for Defining and Achieving What Success Means to You. Her speaking engagements include conferences and corporate meetings nationwide on the topics of leadership development, goal-setting, planning, achieving success, and other topics.
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