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The 2020 EJCDC Engineering Agreements

The 2020 EJCDC Engineering Agreements


$25.00 - The 2020 EJCDC Engineering Agreements

$0.00 - The 2020 EJCDC Engineering Agreements

The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) is publishing new editions of three of its engineering services agreements: EJCDC E-500 (2020), the comprehensive Owner-Engineer agreement; EJCDC E-570 (2020), the Engineer-Subconsultant agreement; and EJCDC E-520 (2020), the Short Form agreement between Owner and Engineer. The webinar will discuss the contents of these three standard documents, their recommended usage, the relationship of the new documents to the EJCDC 2018 Construction Series documents, and changes from prior editions.
Hugh Anderson is an attorney whose practice consists primarily of construction and contract law. Mr. Anderson regularly assists public and private project owners, architects, engineers, and contractors in the drafting of contract documents; the development of project delivery strategies; and the resolution of disputes arising from bid errors, construction problems, professional errors and omissions, terminations, and functional failures. His work in construction law has been recognized in the current edition of Best Lawyers of America.
Mr. Anderson serves as legal counsel to the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee. He is a member of the American Bar Association Forum on the Construction Industry, and is a graduate of Stanford Law School and the University of Wisconsin—Madison.
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