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Ensuring Successful Stakeholder and Community Involvement

Ensuring Successful Stakeholder and Community Involvement


$129.00 - Ensuring Successful Stakeholder and Community Involvement

$99.00 - Ensuring Successful Stakeholder and Community Involvement

Year published:2020

Ensuring successful stakeholder (community) engagement is an extremely important element of any large engineering project and critical to those associated with communicating the value of infrastructure development. Stakeholders can shape projects in the earliest stages by providing insight regarding the probable reaction to a project's outcome, which facilitates project adjustments when necessary to win organizational support. While the roles of stakeholders may change throughout a project life cycle, the willingness of stakeholders to perform the activities assigned to them during the project planning process, greatly contributes to the success or failure of the project.
Presenter: Nicholas Albergo, PE, MS, DEE
Nick Albergo is a P.E. and the founder of HSA Engineers & Scientists. At its peak, HSA had grown to include more than 350 professionals. HSA has been the recipient of numerous awards including appearing multiple times on Inc. Magazines’ Fastest Growing Private Companies. He has since retired but remains available to serve as an expert in litigation cases as well as a technical consultant to industry and other consulting firms.

Nick wears many hats. He is a founding Diplomate of the AAWRE and a Fellow of the ASCE. He has spent decades working with industry stakeholders and governmental officials on hundreds of contamination assessment and remediation projects, responsible waste and pollution management. He is often called upon as an expert witness in litigation matters involving contaminant impact and cleanup. He is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a Circuit Mediator. He is also on the engineering faculty at the University of South Florida, and serves as the ASTM Vice-Chair on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action.

Nick has been a pioneer in his field, including holding patents in the area of bioremediation, authoring or co-authoring over 185 publications in the fields of environmental and chemical engineering, and editing several hundred state-of-the-art review articles and research papers. He served as one of the primary authors of the ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments.

Beyond his domestic efforts, he has worked abroad as an advisor to the World Bank, the U.S. Export-Import Bank, and donor agencies including the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Trade & Development Agency, the EU, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, and the Panama Canal Authority. He has also served as a consultant and advisor to various foreign ministries on policy-making issues concerning environmental management and responsible industry practices
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