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Engineering Behind Automated Vehicles

Engineering Behind Automated Vehicles


$129.00 - Engineering Behind Automated Vehicles

$99.00 - Engineering Behind Automated Vehicles

Year published:2020

What are Automated and Connected Vehicles. - The technology behind AV., How do they work. Engineering Challenges in AV, AI and decision making. - Benefits of Automation. - Levels of Automation. - Engineering Challenges for the supporting infrastructure. - Human adoption of AV, for drivers and for pedestrians. - New economic model and the AV Ecosystem. - States and Legislature adopting AV, Economic motivators. - The role of  Professional Engineers in this technology, be part of the conversation.
José Noriega P.E.
José Noriega holds a BS in Electronics Engineering Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a P.E. License in the State of Maine. His professional career spans different areas from engineering to international marketing. His technical expertise is in the area of Microcomputing and electronics. While working at Polaroid in Cambridge, MA, he was a team member developing the world's first Electronic Identification System which now days is a common technology. José keeps current with Emerging Technologies and considers himself an advocate for the "common person" in regards Autonomous Vehicles. On his personal time, he does off road bicycling. 
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