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Winds of Changes - Electric Transmission

Winds of Changes - Electric Transmission


$129.00 - Winds of Changes - Electric Transmission

$99.00 - Winds of Changes - Electric Transmission

Year published:2020

Xcel Energy is one of the fastest growing investor owned utilities with more than 20,000 miles of transmission lines and more than 1,200 substations across 10 states, serving more than 22,000 megawatts of customer load. Xcel Energy has a unique perspective as a vertically integrated utility, operating transmission and generation resources in three NERC reliability regions and two Regional Transmission Organizations (MISO and SPP). Xcel Energy’s position as the industry leader in wind generation for over 12 years has impacted the way we plan and operate our transmission system. We will discuss lessons learned and how Xcel Energy is applying those lessons as the company continues to grow towards a reduced carbon generation portfolio, while maintaining a reliable and affordable system.
Learning Objectives
• Discuss renewable resources impact on the electric grid;
• Review ways utilities are helping enable technology while keeping prices low and reliability high;
• Discuss policy challenges facing the integration of renewable energy;
• Identify best practices to engage the public on challenges with renewable energy.
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