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Reduce Scope Creep and Get Paid for Extra Services

Reduce Scope Creep and Get Paid for Extra Services


$149.00 - Reduce Scope Creep and Get Paid for Extra Services

$70.00 - Reduce Scope Creep and Get Paid for Extra Services

Year published:2015
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How much money are you losing due to scope creep? The project team sometimes fails to stick to the original project scope or performs services outside of the scope without getting agreement from the client to bill them as extra services. Adequate processes must be put in place to educate the project team about the scope and create an understanding of the impact that scope creep has on their project profitability. In this webinar, you will learn to recognize scope creep in your projects and understand all the reasons it happens. You will also identify contract and communication issues that can lead to scope creep, learn to put systems and processes in place to control it, and develop processes to minimize its effect. Learning Objectives – Attendees will: Recognize project scope creep in their firm. Understand ways scope creep can negatively impact projects. Identify specific criteria, systems, and processes that will help control scope creep and recover extra services. Identify specific contract issues that could impact scope creep, both negatively and positively. Describe specific processes and communication standards to decrease scope creep in their firm. Speaker's Bio: June Jewell, CPA.
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