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Best Practices to Communicate Clearly Through Writing

Best Practices to Communicate Clearly Through Writing


$149.00 - Best Practices to Communicate Clearly Through Writing

$70.00 - Best Practices to Communicate Clearly Through Writing

Well-developed writing skills set engineers apart and fuel career success. Through no fault of their own, many engineers lack essential writing skills. This webinar shows how to conceive, organize, and create professional writing. Tips, tricks, and rules-of-thumb will be presented to clearly communicate thoughts and ideas using standard syntax, sentence structure, and plain and appropriate language. Attend this webinar to master your professional writing skills.
Learning Objectives:

1. Proper mechanics for writing, such as structure, correct grammar, and tailoring content to a particular audience;
2. Guidelines for skilled development and organization of written communications;
3. What to look for when faced with certain situations, and rules-of-thumb for clear, concise, and nuanced writing.
Randy P. Wall, P.E., MPA is the president of the Engineering Leadership Institute and is a values-based leadership consultant grounded in a 33-year career in engineering, business, political science, and entrepreneurial mastery. Wall received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Davis, his Master of Public Administration from Montana State University in Bozeman, and is currently a PhD candidate in the American Studies program at MSU, with a dissertation in Leadership in the American Engineering Industry. Mr. Wall is a licensed professional engineer in six states, including Montana. 
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